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The Curious Case of Love

To be honest I don’t understand what it means when people speak about love. Probably, they never define it properly. Is it good, bad or ugly?

Is it a strong positive emotion of regard, affection, devotion and blah blah blah?

Or as someone said, is it verb to be acted on and NOT a noun to be defined?

Or is it the opposite of hate? << Absence of hate need not be LOVE. It is nothing. May be Love is winning over the hate>>

Or Is Love the extreme end of hate? When you hate someone…you do so because you love to hate them?

Some say love is which brings happiness, brings freedom and life. most of them say it brings out best in you.

Some say it is a promise, it is a trust, it is a pain and it is a lesson.

Some treat it as a need, some treat it as a want, some treat it as a gift and some treat it as LIFE!

At times love can be the cause of many evil things too (if you think so!) – You love someone and you kill them if they don’t love you back! Did you love them to kill them? <<Often people forget that just as they have the freedom to love someone, that ‘someone’ also has the freedom to love someone else!!! >>

What if you love someone so much that you think you can’t live without them and later, you end up living without them? Who is the culprit? Love or the person you loved?

Sometimes, Love can be ugly when there is insecurity involved. When you love someone more than you have to, you’ll try to protect them and in that process you’ll forget who you are. The irony is you might end up hating the people you used to love.

On other side, it becomes even worse when there are expectations around you. What if you love that person less than he/she deserves?

Can love be measured? Can you always love a person in right quantity?

Love becomes your weakness when there are more doubts than there is trust. And it will be your strength, when you trust even after doubting. Is love a strength or weakness?

WARS are fought for love. Love of power. Some sides WON some sides LOST, for the same LOVE.

At times one love is different from another love. One love hurts other love. One love kills other love. Love for faith kills love for emotions. Love for money kills love for living. Love for power kills love for morals. Your Love for a person kills your love for your dream or the other way.

Why is love for GOD different from love for human? Why is love for rich different from love for poor?

Is love an enigma? Or is love an answer? Or is it a question in the answer itself?

What is LOVE?

No one can answer this question precisely. Each one of us will have a different answer for the same question about love. Because it is a complex algorithm made of different variables like emotion, trust, belief, mind, perception, illusion, want, need, experience, thought etc.

I would say LOVE is like the moon. It looks bright and beautiful when you stare at it. But it has its own dark side too at the same time. It is nothing when it is under the shadow of the earth, but then it is bright on the other side. The question here is how do you perceive it? One love heals, one love hurts, one love is bliss, and one love is a curse. No Love is good or evil; situations make people perceive it the way they want to. LOVE doesn’t need a reason, may be at least it requires some thought. It requires some understanding, not misunderstanding.

I still don’t have an answer to my question. I don’t need an answer. Everyone is born human, you can’t control your emotions or thoughts, but you can control your actions. Let your actions answer that question.

Love to live. Live to love.

With LOVE,


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