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Love has no age

Early this morning, I was sitting on my bike and was waiting for my uncle. The climate was serene. and then a couple….an old couple passed by me. I guess they are taking there early morning walk. They were about 60 years old or even more. The gentleman was in his formals and groomed himself neatly. The lady was in jeans and a sky blue color top. The moment I saw them… eyes adhered to that scene. It was like I was seeing a young couple walking hand in hand. I can make it out easily…..She was holding his hands not out of fear but of love. They both were smiling at each other and were talking with care and affection. They were walking as if there is no one in this world apart from them and of course happiness following them. I was wondering how can they show so much of love on each other at this age!!! Hmmm……then I realized LOVE HAS NO AGE. and its true…may be these two angels are epitomes of this line. And in the other hand she was holding the cross. The cross with a sky blue color chain wrapped around her left arm wrist. Faith and Love. What else does a women of her age need….God on her left side and her loved one on her right side. Faith in her soul, love in her heart and Peace & happiness all around her. What else does she need….!

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