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One fine Sunday, I was playing Nintendo Wii with my cousins (of 5th and 6th standard). They shouted out of frustration as the power was cut (and I’m happy, as I was losing). To divert them, casually I started an interesting conversation with them, which made my mind flooded with infinite thoughts. I asked them what they will become after they grow up. “I WILL BECOME A SCIENTIST AND INVENT NEW THINGS” pat came the reply from one of them.”I WILL JOIN THE ARMY AND DEFEND MY COUNTRY FROM ENEMIES” was another reply. I put those words in capital letters to show the importance and concern they had given to their dreams or life plans at that age. It occurred to me that there imagined future is not so different from that of mine, the one I used to dream(being heroic IPS officer or being a billionaire and serving the people for a cause) sitting in the last bench of a chemistry class (mystery for me!!!) way back in 2001.And I am sure that many of us dreamt like them when we are young and bypassed them now after growing up and started living in reality as we have so many responsibilities(so much for excuses!!!).And for me……………

There is a dream in my eyes….and reality before them. And I’m stuck somewhere between them. To dream is not as difficult as I thought and to make it real is not as easy as I thought. I remember a famous quote which I modified it as below.. “To dream is easy, to live is hard, to live as one dream is the toughest” And who lives his dream has the ultimate part of any kind of living. They conquered everything till horizons and there is nothing left beyond. And to mention, those who failed to reach their dreams after an honest attempt are WINNERS too, because they TRIED IT….which many of us didn’t even care but opted to compromise. Reality teaches us everything. It gives us the toughest combat. Those who are weak will show their thumbs down. And who fights till the end against all odds, remains victorious (here the end means both the finishing line and their life). If dream is a destination, reality is the journey to our destination. Many times in our lives, journey toward the destination becomes more important than the destination itself. Because many of us will be lost in the journey…sometimes forgotten why we are travelling and where? So it is more important to complete the journey People say I’m a complex character (I’m a cancerian, dude).I don’t know which path to take, is correct .Its true indeed. But I’m clear about what I should not be in my life. That’s where the perception of my life starts for me… GOD gave me a choice of 10 different paths to choose. Out of which I abandoned 7 choices, which I don’t want to walk in or will not take me to my desired destination. Now, I’m left with 3 of them. I can take any of the three paths to get to my destination. So, I left the choice to GOD. (I gave the choice to ONE, who gave me the choice!!!!!!).From my end, I want to take the path I’m most interested in. But if GOD wants to play a trick with me (which he often does and loves doing!!!)……He will have to choose from either of the remaining two.(whatever he chooses for me…I’m comfortable with all 3 and…..more importantly I’ll reach my destination).So…desert the options, what all you don’t want to be….before the destiny tries its luck on you. I was denied by everyone, including myself. I was what I should not be. I was losing without exception, consistently. Just because I’m losing, never meant I’m lost. I found myself. And I came to know what I should be and what I should not be. It’s not that GOD and destiny had stopped playing with me (I don’t think they will take such a foolish decision ……after all I am their favourite pawn!!).It is that, I stopped complaining about my life, I know how not to behave in adversity, I know to ignore what has to be ignored, I know that I’m not perfect and has to learn lot of things, I know that I have more weakness than strengths and there is a need to reverse them, I know that we gave to live in reality to chase our dreams, I know that I have to go miles before I sleep. Now I started the GAME…the game of my life with destiny. Violating some rules of destiny and creating some rules of my own. Now I’m not leaving in my dreams (which I used to do before!) and not leaving in reality compromising with whatever comes in my way (which others are forcing me to do! and I do compromise in things which are inevitable, but not in everything).I’m in the toughest part, in between them…struggling and thinking hard to synchronize my life in my dreams and my life in reality. Believe me it took me 21 years to know what I have to do in my life and 3 years after that to put my first step forward. AND SO MY JOURNEY BEGAN…. Nevertheless, now I’m enjoying every moment of my journey, constructing my life with colors and chasing my dreams hard. All for my dreams, I’m back….with a BANG.

Dreams seldom become reality…..Agreed. But where in this world had reality stopped people from dreaming!!!!!!

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