Who am I?

February 20, 2013

I am the book I read. I am the blog I write. I am the color I paint. I am the picture I take. I am the path I walk.

I am the tear filled with sorrow. I am the pain from my past. I am the companion of my solitude. I am the existence ready to disappear. I am the lesson from my life. I am the gift of my future. I am the wings of my freedom. I am the dream that comes true. I am the enigma of my life.

I am the reason I Live for. I am the journey I travel. I am the choice I make. I am the battle I fight. I am the game I play.

I am the evil you can’t resist. I am the angel you hate. I am the vanity you choose. I am the boon you can reject. I am the warrior among sages. I am the silence of chaos. I am the hope in adversity. I am the admirer of failure. I am the acquaintance of success.

I am the rain you are waiting for. I am the bliss you are striving for. I am the moment you preserve. I am the word you trust. I am the faith you believe in.

I am the music of your songs. I am the sparkle in your eyes. I am the smile on your lips. I am the beat of your heart.  I am the love between you and me.

I am the space between the earth and the sky. I am the line between the good and bad. I am everything between birth and death. I am the nothing you can imagine.

I am the question. I am the answer. I am my strength. I am my weakness. I am my limitation.

I am what I see in you. I am not what you think I am. I am what you perceive I am.

I am what I think I am. I am what I can become. I am what I should become.

I am what I am. I am unique. I am KC!


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