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One fine day in my life……………………………………….

0612: That was the 3rd time I’m pressing the snooze option for my MotoRokr E6 alarm. That time I didn’t realize that this day would cost me more(Actually every day costs me something, but this day unfortunately I counted on my accounts).

Well, I was wondering where my money is jumping out of my pocket so fast. So, this day I decided to keep a tab on my spending…precisely unnecessary extra spending. So it goes like this………..

0835: I was in hurry to reach the office in time. Normally it will cost 20/- to 25/- on auto. When I asked an auto he demanded 35/-.I don’t have another auto and I am running out of time.So I forced myself to take it(Recalling the proverb Time is precious than any thing). Now if I assume fair fare as 25/-, I spent 10/- EXTRA.

0955:I had to attend a customer who is in other town 2 hrs from this place.So me and my colleague boarded a bus. Actual fair was 37 Rs per person. So I gave a 100 Rs note to the conductor asking ticket for both of us.He gave back 20/- and wrote 6/- on back of the tickets(Which I have to collect at the end of my journey). Which, I forgot to do so.Here I lost 6/-.

1345: We finished the meeting with the customer and went to a restaurant to stop some weird noises in our stomach.Aha….we finished our delicious lunch and payed the bill included with service tax. Still I had to keep a ten rupee note on the table, as a so called TIP.Here I spent 10/-EXTRA (though service tax was included in bill as a good double digit).

1630: Back in office. I had to cancel a ticket of my scheduled trip due to my friend’s marriage next day. Well cancellation charges were 20/-.

1700:Was about to leave the office. Suddenly I remembered something. I had to courier a document to one of my relatives. So, I gave the document to the office boy and asked him to courier it. I also gave him 10/- EXTRA to do so(As it is personal). Well my laziness here cost me 10 bugs more.

1800: Went to gift shop to buy a gift to my friend on his marriage. I bought a gift worth 1200/-.

But when I showed it to my friends, they said it will not cost mare than 1000/- and one of them had bought the same for 1050/-.Hmmmm…….an another 150/- EXTRA.

2000:Looking tired I returned to home in Auto.As the auto meter is showing 46/-, I gave a 50Rs note. Now that as he don’t have any change and me either, I had to let that 4/- go(AS IT WAS ONLY 4 Rs).

Finally when I accounted today’s loss of that extra spending, it came up to 210/-(10+6+10+20+10+150+4). When I was giving away 6 or 10 Rs, I was thinking I am giving ONLY 10 Rs extra. But that SUM now made to triple digit. The extra amount I spend may vary from 2 digits to 4 digits sometimes, but that is EXTRA(unnecessary) I am spending. Everyday I promise myself to use the money properly without wasting, but next day I had to promise the same. Is it that I don’t know the value of the money or am I innocent to spend extra or is it like this for everyone and everywhere.

Whatever it is………Now you count on your accounts…..How much your are spending in vain ? Is that spending inevitable, Well for me it is so…….!

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