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It was my close friend’s marriage and SHE was a close relative of my friend.

To start with….. first when I saw her SHE was one among the other girls and was not that impressive in her attire. But my friends were buzzing great about her. At that instant I never knew that in next 3hrs 33min SHE will be THE ONE among the others for me.

It was in the evening, when I saw her in the Saree, I felt that magic. Oh GOD ….. she was so cute. I just can’t help myself to stop my eyes staring at her (may be her beauty got magnified because of that traditional saree). At that time she noticed me peeping at her. GOD ….. curse my anxiety to know what she was thinking about me. I never know what turns these girls OFF (They colour their faces expecting us to see them and when we see……..). It was her smile that took away my time from me without my concern. I came to my friend’s marriage and here ….what the HECK I’m roped with!

TIME UP!!! I have to leave that paradise with a heavy heart. The only conversation I had with her was a simple ‘HI’, for which she replied back with an innocent, cute and smiling ‘HI’. That’s it….for me it seemed to be the longest conversation I ever had in my life. Even after I left that place and HER back, she was in my mind for long time. She haunted me like an evil spirit (I know its a awful comparison but it's true). After that I came to know that she was engaged to Mr.X.

It always happens to me (May be to all boys of course). All my crushes, crash before they take off. Apparently this is not my first crush and which crush should I mention the best….

Should I mention about that girl in my childhood who stayed opposite to my house and was a talkative.

or should I mention about that girl who was my senior, when I’m in 9th std.

or should I mention about that girl having long hair and attractive eyes in my +2.

or should I mention about that girl whom I saw first, on my first day to the engineering college. And about that miles I walked behind her till I came to know that she had a crush for a dirty looking monkey.

or should I mention about that girl with brown eyes and had a short haircut, waiting in bus stop with an apron on her hand (to mention SHE WAS GORGEOUS). and about the time I invested on her to know that she already has 2 boyfriends (I didn’t wanted to be the 3rd).

I had seen many girls (or had crush in other way) who had impressed me with their…..say beauty or charm or their eyes or with some other special features. And…..fortunately or unfortunately she is JUST another ONE I missed in my life. But SHE is fortunate enough to adore my first blog. THANKS for that…. young lady!

I’ll never ask ‘WHY ME’ kind of question, rather I’m happy with ‘ITS ME’ kind of thing. All my CRUSHES till now ended up with CRASHES. Nothing was okay. “Every thing will be okay at the end. If it is not OK then it is not the END.” As the repeated (but boring for guys) saying goes on, “There is a girl of your kind waiting somewhere….for you in this world”.

Until then…..hey wait a sec…….who's that girl standing there

PS: Words/Girls appearing in this blog may not be that sweet and that beautiful in the real life.

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